Organize the ideal seminar for managers

10 September 2018 | Temps de lecture : 6 min.

When we talk about a internal seminar, we often think of team-building events to promote team cohesion or simply conferences that deal with a particular subject to train employees. However, there are a multitude of seminars, each more creative than the next. Do you dream of going rafting with your team or going away for a weekend with your colleagues? But have you ever heard of the seminar for managers? An event entirely dedicated to managers or team leaders of all kinds. Because all team members have the right to their moment of attention, let us explain to you what a seminar manager is for and how to make it as dynamic as possible.

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What is a seminar for managers?

The seminar for managers is a conference that can take place over one or more days. There are many themes that exist, but the objective is the same: to know how to take a step back on the way you manage your teams, to take the time to think about your working methods and of course, to learn to be more efficient. Indeed, as La Rochefoucault said so well, “Nothing is as contagious as example”. By participating in a seminar, for managers,  company managers commit themselves and show their employees their willingness to evolve, in addition to encouraging them to do the same through self-training.

By participating in a management seminar, managers mainly want to learn the best techniques to manage their teams and maintain the motivation of their employees. The ways to achieve this are numerous and specific to each individual. It is up to you to decide whether you’d rather theory or practice when organising your seminar manager.

What activities for my seminar for managers?

There are several possibilities: you can choose to be classic by offering role-playing, brainstorming or even setting up working groups. A traditional but effective method. Or you can also decide to make your event a little more fun with original activities (this is the option we prefer at Eventdrive). There are many choices, but let us introduce you to our favorites:

Organize a police investigation game

By surfing on the Escape Game trend, you will necessarily be a hit by suggesting a police investigation game! The idea is quite simple: according to the famous board game Cluedo, participants must conduct the investigation to identify the culprit and clear the suspects. One of the great advantages of this type of activity is that it is possible to organize it in a magnificent place such as a castle or even a boat… What a good way to mix the useful with the pleasant 😉

A game leader is present throughout the game to ensure that the rules are respected, but above all to observe the behaviour of the participants. At the end of the game, a debriefing session is organized and the reactions and movements of the participants are discussed (beware of cheating!). The game leader can thus highlight causal links or point out the consequences that some actions have had on the group’s dynamics. Managers can analyse their actions and draw conclusions about the way they lead a team. Who says you can’t learn while having fun?

Set up a treasure hunt

Treasure hunt is always a good idea: the perfect way to understand how group dynamics work and learn to work in a team. By travelling through new territories and working as a team, treasure hunt allows managers to work in synergy and learn to communicate with their employees. Participating in a treasure hunt often allows you to get off the beaten track (literally and figuratively) and discover new facets of your personality. When you know how important it is to know how to question yourself when you do management, this type of activity seems to be ideal.

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Just relax

As we know, being a manager can sometimes cause tensions. Yes, it is not always easy to stay calm in situations where misunderstanding sometimes prevails. To overcome this, more and more activities are being developed to let off steam. For instance, you can participate in a destroy party! The rules are simple: throw and break everything you can get your hands on. Usually, plates and cups of all kinds are offered. Another possibility is axe throwing. A strange activity that comes from the other side of the Atlantic Ocean and that is beginning to spread in our country. Here again, it’s easy: take an axe, aim and throw. A real release!

This type of activities does not really provide management skills, but it is still ideal for a seminar for managers. This may sound a little extreme, but we all agree: we would like to do it! Seminars are also used to relieve the pressure and these activities allow this to be done in an unconventional way.

Manage a restaurant

A new concept that will not necessarily appeal to restaurant managers, and we understand them, but which can be a good exercise for managers of other types of companies. The idea is to learn how to manage a restaurant in a team: order management, meals preparation and, above all, to deal with the hazards of the profession such as stock shortages, work accidents or resignations. The goal is to be in a situation outside your comfort zone (i.e. by leading in a sector other than the one you usually manage). The benefits for managers are numerous. Indeed, by learning how to manage a restaurant, you learn to adapt to change, improve your stress management and rediscover how to collaborate with your colleagues. What’s more, you could even discover some recipes to make at home?

There are many ideas to make your seminar for managers unforgettable. The key is to know how to combine pedagogy and fun. Your participants must leave the event having learned new skills, or at least having discovered a new facet of their personality that will allow them to better lead their teams. And as you will have understood, the best way to achieve this is by offering fun activities. So don’t hesitate any longer and get started!

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