Organising an interactive digital event

20 April 2017 | Temps de lecture : 4 min.

How to prepare your attendees

The digital is at the core of your company now; you would like to convert your colleagues? Find out how to leave no man behind when digitally transforming your interactive events.

Before your interactive event

Yup, your colleagues speak slang, of course they are super connected with their smartphones and obviously they are not dumb but they aren’t completely aware of the usage of new tech.

Before your Interactive event it’s really important to study your target. What type of smartphone do they use? Who is their mobile operator? How do they judge their tech-savviness? The answers to these questions will allow you to come to a conclusion on how to better accompany your colleagues and anticipate their technical needs for your event.

You feel your colleagues aren’t connected.

I hope this app won't screw up my phone ?!

Understand: I am not used to downloading apps, I don’t know how to do it, I am scared of all things digital and I don’t want to admit it.

The usage of smartphones is so common that people do not dare to say that they don’t know how to use one, as they fear they may be out of the ordinary.

To involve this populous, take the time to communicate on important things to know. How to get Wi-Fi on your phone? How to know if they are connected to Wi-Fi? How to download an app? I was asked for a Google Play/iTunes account but, I don’t have one, what do I do? How to close/ Uninstall an app? How to install a web app? How to easily go back to a web page? …

You are going to answer to their needs; they will be at ease and will happily use the app.

Your colleagues are aware but aren’t experts.


Understand: I am an expert and I’m sure that your app has a bug.

A lot of people are comfortable with new technology but as soon as they come across a problem they don’t always ask the right questions.

To help you solve these points here are some hints: Are attendees using the correct email address and password? Are there no typos on the URL of the web app or their email or password? Are they connected to the Wi-Fi or their 3G/4G network? If your interactive event app has user restrictions to the invited attendee, ensure that the attendee has been invited and has created their password. Without this they cannot have access to the app.

During the event

As an event planner, this doesn’t come as a surprise.

In the context of an interactive mobile app, the Wi-Fi and 3G/4G network is something you have to pay a lot of attention to.

If you have taken care of this before your event, very few attendees will encounter difficulties. You must identify these users as ASAP. Listening is key even during stressful periods.

If your event allows you, then an information desk where attendees can find help on the Wi-Fi and app that is made available to them.

An information desk is not possible? Then you can brief your event staff on a process to help these attendees.

After the event

There is nothing better then collecting attendee feedback!

After an event prepare a satisfaction survey that will be available in the app. Ask questions about the event but also on the digital tools that were made available to them. This will allow them to express themselves and give their feedback. The added value is to know if your investment on an interactive mobile app was effective and if you can reiterate the experience.

Analyze your attendees feedback allows you to identify new needs to better know your attendees.

In conclusion keep in mind that a connected attendee is synonymous with successful interactivity!

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