Replay, the big winner of virtual events?

14 October 2020 | Temps de lecture : 5 min.

Corporate events have never been more popular. Why's that? Quite simply, because it has become an excellent way to communicate. In the all-digital era, technological developments have increased. After the sharing of information by email, chat, social networks, it is now the event replay that takes over. 

One would think that with the growing democratization of virtual events, participation rates have exploded. Indeed, virtual events allow you to reach a larger target, but this does not change anything to the overloaded schedules that your co-workers can have these days.

Event replay allows participants who were unable to attend the online event to view it after the live broadcast. But is it as simple as it sounds? And more importantly, why is it something that shouldn't be ignored?

Eventdrive tells you its secrets about a trendy new feature, which is set to last!

How does event replay work?

You have understood it, replay allows you to review an event after it has been broadcast live, in person or in streaming.

At Eventdrive, the recording functionality of your event is very easy to use. During the event, the speaker, or the organization of the presentation, just has to click a button to start recording the session. As soon as the event is over, the replay is available in the back office of the software.

All you have to do is to schedule an automatic email to spread the replay to the registered participants. You can also download it on your website or on your YouTube channel, if you are active on social media and if the information shared during your event is not confidential of course.

Why are replays so important?

Today, it seems unthinkable to make a virtual or hybrid event without thinking about recording it to play it back after the live broadcast, because the advantages are multiple. 

Event replays make it possible to reach a wider audience.

Recording your event to stream it in replay allows you to reach 2 types of audiences. 

Of course, it allows to share the replay with people who could not attend the event, either because they were on the other side of the world, without internet connection, or simply because they were not available on the scheduled date.

These people can then consult the replay of the event as soon as it is shared. Thanks to the replay, there is no risk that guests who were unable to travel, or to attend the live broadcast, miss important information!

But the replay can also be viewed by people who have already attended the live event. They can then go back and watch a key passage again, to take notes for example.

If you have a big event to organize with different sessions taking place at the same time, the replay allows your attendees to see the session they missed. Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to split yourself, so the replay is there to save you!

They allow you to strengthen your brand image

Broadcasting the recording of your event quickly is good. Adding your own personal touch is better! 

You can choose to broadcast the raw version of your replay without having edited it if you think it's enough on its own. But be aware that a replay can also benefit from a little editing to affirm your brand image.

For example, you can add your logo as a watermark. Adding an intro or an outro, transitions accompanied by a jingle can also bring a touch of dynamism to the whole.

If your recording is long enough and can be easily cut, adding chapters dedicated to a specific topic could increase your click through rate. Indeed, sometimes you may not want to watch the entire replay video if you are interested in a particular passage. By adding chapters, users will be able to watch only the parts they are interested in.

You can also add subtitles to maximize the reach of your replay to an international or hearing-impaired target!

Replays enhance your future communication campaigns

Perhaps you took the time to record your event to reuse scenes in your future communication campaigns? If so, we congratulate you! 

Broadcasting your event replay to your participating audience is a good thing, but why not use it as bait in your next communication campaign?

We understand that video represents the future of communication, so you could try to convince your prospects to attend your next event by offering them to see the previous edition.

Why not share the replay of your event via your newsletter? You could convince contacts who didn't take the time to attend your event. Another solution would be to use the replay to tease your next event. Probably the best way to make your guests want to subscribe to the new edition!

Recording your event and broadcasting it after the live transmission may seem like an obvious solution for the organizer you are.  Even if the concept has been widely used by the major TV channels for a few years now, the idea is not very widespread in the event industry because until now there has never been a tool as easy to use as Eventdrive. 

So don't stay at the bottom of the wave and take the lead, think about recording your event well and broadcast it widely. Your return on investment will increase for sure!

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