Halloween: your chilling office party

16 October 2018 | Temps de lecture : 4 min.
halloween office party

You happen to be a really big fan of ghosts, horror stories or bloody witches? How lucky you are!
It’s Halloween time! It also means your Halloween office party is probably getting ready ?

Leave room to sweets and treats, you are now ready to organize the most chilling office party we have ever seen. You will discover your colleagues in a new light – or I should say in a new shadow! To help you with this challenge, Eventdrive gives you some precious advices – and funny jokes – to organize the Halloween party of the century.

– Why didn’t the skeleton want to go to school?
– His heart wasn’t in it.

Why celebrating Halloween at the office?

That is just good common sense: to organize a costume contest! But beyond this, celebrating Halloween is a great way to gather your colleagues and to build relationships through playful activities. As they differenciate from the everyday work, they create stronger links based on sharing good moments. This party will be the ideal way to relax and have fun.

And you won’t say the contrary, what’s best than eating sweets and cookies all day long to boost your neurons?

Take your most beautiful crystal ball, open your mind and brainstorm to find the craziest ideas that could fit to your company.

No ideas? Don’t worry – be happy – Eventdrive won’t never give up on you. The first step in organizing your office party is to immerse the team in a very dark atmosphere.

– What room does a ghost not need?
– A living room!

Decorate your open space

When you think about Halloween, your mind jumps from pumpkins to spiders, including ghosts, monsters and witches. Here are some ideas from the Eventdrive team:

Still missing ideas? You can find a lot of inspiration on Pinterest!

– What kind of dessert does a ghost like?
– I scream!

Wear your most terrifying costum

Whether you are a Machiavellian serial killer or a lovely witch, feel free to express your darkest side on this Halloween office party.

It can be complicated to find the time creating a costum or spend amounts of money in a wonderful Dracula dress. But no excuse, unearth a white sheet, cut two wholes et there you are, your ghost costum is ready!

Somehow, don’t forget you are at work. It might be possible that you can’t afford every ecccentricity. Ask to your managers and think about customer meetings. It would be annoying if they had an heart attack meeting Frankenstein in the corridor.

– Why is a skeleton so mean?
– He doesn’t have a heart.

Trick or treat?

We agree, no need to be a child to abuse from sweets. Provide your colleagues with bowls of sweets. Fizzy, acidulous, crunchy, be creative!

It is also a great opportunity to organize several activites a bit different from your daily life. Here are some examples

You have now all our tips and tricks to create the waw effect with your Halloween office party!
And if you want to organize many other office parties, discover our article right here 🙂

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Everything starts with these 10 tips…

I discover the 10 tips

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