GBTA Masterclass’ case study

17 July 2017 | Temps de lecture : 2 min.

Every year the Global Business Travel & Association France organises a Masterclass for buyers in the MICE or travel industry. It is an event that informs and at the same time entertains. This is where people from various fields come and speak about trends and exchange their expert knowledge.


Eventdrive was tasked to design a conference where participants are active and can contribute to the content. They could also generate interactivity and create an atmosphere for open exchanges between professionals.

The features that were used at the event were the Quiz, Voting, Word Cloud, Instaphoto, Q&A and Surveys. The event was deemed a success by both the participants, Aurelie herself and the organising team!

The app itself had a 100% adoption rate and had extremely active participants with 1000+ views on social media which was excellent for an event of 100 participants. Our app gave participants the ability to have a share of voice, with anonymity. Which aided in its adoption.

“Our delegates like to be discreet. I am convinced that if we didn’t give them the ability to remain anonymous, we wouldn’t have such an engagement.”

Aurelie Krau, the GBTA France Operations manager, a millennial herself, gives us a little insight on what participants want in events nowadays and on what they need else, events aren’t successful.

In charge of operations, GBTA France

Aurélie Krau In charge of operations, GBTA France

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