The future of #eventprofs – The event planner of the 21st century

29 March 2018 | Temps de lecture : 2 min.

We have recently partnered up with eventplannersquad.com a new french blog that is working on creating a community by partnering up with #eventtech companies and various influencers in MICE!

From their study on the Event planner of the 21st Century we reaffirmed what we have been observing over the years – The digital is taking over events!

With all the developments in event technology, we see that more and more data and insights are available.So, event managers are now able to get a lot more insights on what went on during the event. It is no longer about “I felt it went well” but, more about “It went well because there were 500 pictures taken and a 100% app adoption with 90% of attendees satisfied with their meal and…”. Well you can see how it goes… There are numerous tools now available to give planners a better idea on how to improve their events and better cater to attendee needs. Therefore, it is to no surprise that 75% of the #eventprofs surveyed responded saying that strong analytical skills are a crucial skill to have.

It is all about the experience and data and digital are the main drivers in creating and forecasting this!

However, the reason for getting into events is still the same as according to the survey the reason why people get into event planning is because they believe events have the power to connect people! We also can see that there is more of an importance in joining communities and affiliate groups like MPI to keep up to date on the all that is changing in the event industry.

We can infer that to immerse attendees into events, we need to communicate as an industry and use all the channels to inspire at events.

We also were able to get our hands on an infographic in English for you Eventdrivers so you can have and consult this study!


If you are an expressive #eventprof and would like to give your opinion on the event planner of the 21st century profile, fill it out here ⤵️

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