How to find ideas for goodies for a trade show?

15 October 2019 | Temps de lecture : 5 min.

There are several ways to make people remember your salon (or your presence at this salon!). You can flood social networks with posts, publish dozens of photos and feedback and hopefully your community will see them. You can also contact your visitors again by sending a thank you email. But if there is one method that is effective, it is to distribute goodies at a trade show. Yes! By distributing promotional items during your event, you are more likely to have your guests take them home and use them regularly. But for that to happen, you have to be able to choose the right product. So how do you find good ideas for goodies for your exhibition? 

Eventdrive lists the best sites for you. As a bonus, we give you our advice on how to choose them and some examples of the most original ideas.




Objetrama defines itself as the French leader in the sale of event goodies. For more than 15 years, the company has been offering all types of promotional items, but also corporate gifts with a slightly more upscale note. The big bonus? Objetrama can guarantee you very fast delivery times, because the vast majority of their workshops are located in Europe and their headquarters in Alsace.


Cadoétik specializes in offering promotional items purchased through an eco-responsible process. Their objectives? Respect the environment in all possible ways and put people at the heart of the approach. The company regularly makes donations to associations and participates in humanitarian projects to highlight this difference. The right choice for responsible goodies for your trade show 🙂


Cadeau web offers a multitude of goodies for your trade shows. In addition to the traditional advertising pen, the company offers many more original objects than the others. Whether you are planning a wine event or a construction convention, you will find suggestions for thematic ideas.


Easyflyer offers a large number of products adapted to the event. Their leading force? Personalization. Their graphic design service allows you to customize all products with a snap of your fingers. On the communication side, Easyflyer boasts a company where it is good to work. Why? Because if their employees are happy, then they can make their customers happy. A beautiful philosophy, isn’t it?

La boîte à objets

La Boîte à Objets is a company that really puts the professional at the heart of its communication. Its values? Innovation, creativity and imagination. Their priority is therefore to adapt as best as possible to the demands by imagining ever more original products.



Selecting the right products for your trade show is not complicated if you follow these few guidelines to the letter:

Make sure to keep in touch with the event and the object

There is no point in producing personalized candy packages if you are organizing a nutrition conference. Do you see the idea? Take into account the target audience of your event when choosing your promotional item.

Select a useful object to increase your visibility

Do you remember our introduction? The purpose of an effective promotional item is to increase your notoriety, even after the event. So you have to put yourself in the shoes of your guests and ask yourself what is really useful to them.

Focus on the environment

More and more people are paying particular attention to the ecological impact of their actions. If you offer them a gift that is certified as durable or made under particularly responsible conditions, you will score points.

Choose an original format

We remind you, the goal is to make a mark on people’s minds. So rather than offering the traditional paper notepad, why not offer a small notebook with a bamboo cover for example? Already, you are leaning on the environmental side and in addition you are offering a product that is not common to see.



A sweatshirt

You wanted something useful, that’s it? Who hasn’t hung out in a sweatshirt on weekends at home? Everyone does it! Why? Because there’s nothing more comfortable than a good sweatshirt. If you have the budget, you can even choose for a high-end version that your guests will enjoy wearing, even outside their homes.

A foldable mug

Useful means practical. The fashion for folding mugs is spreading more and more and more and for good reason, it is really the essential element in the professionals’ toolkit. This mug can easily be stored in a bag and can be reused over and over again.

A nomad battery

The connected accessories are more and more trendy, but let’s be honest, if there is one that really is practical, it’s the mobile battery. Imagine the situation: your guests’ phones run out of battery power during your event because they use the application you have set up. Thanks to the mobile battery you gave them, no problem! And the bonus, they will be able to reuse this product over and over again afterwards.

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I go for it!

Now you are ready to choose the best goodies for your trade show. Don’t forget to keep your event in mind and put yourself in your target’s shoes when choosing. Three important points: you must provide them with a useful gift, which they can reuse an infinite number of times in multiple circumstances. And to find the idea that will make a difference, there is no shortage of companies offering promotional items. All you have to do is browse through the different sites and find the one that best matches your values. Ready? So here we go!

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