Success Story : Sonepar

20 November 2018 | Temps de lecture : 4 min.

Sonepar is an independent familial group, distribution leader of electric materials for professionals. The group displays a global footprint. Through 167 operating companies with 2,800  and 1,000 on-site customers branches, Sonepar has developed an offer that addresses national market needs in 44 countries. The multinational realizes, thanks to the competences and the passion of its 44,500 collaborators, a turnover of 21,6 billions of euros (December 31th 2017).Thanks to the density of its network – 167 brands operating in 44 countries on 5 continents – and to the digital solutions that they develop, Sonepar enriches every day the service and the relationship with their clients. Its ambition : become “The Reference” for all these partners.

In order to create and maintain links between its agencies spread in the world, Sonepar regularly organizes internal events gathering its collaborators. Before to start using Eventdrive, the distributor had several different tools. This method was clearly a lose of time and consistency. This is why Sonepar appealed to Eventdrive, in order to optimize international teams performances and to more digitalize the events organization, making them super interactive and engaging.

Sonepar Success Story

One issue : How to create interactivity during international events, while still optimizing the management and creation of events?

Sonepar wanted to gather their guests and collaborators and make them feel closer, in a easy and intuitive way. Thus, Sonepar adopted the event management software Eventdrive in January 2018.

Its main goal was to enable the 200-300 participants, who never met before, to interact each others during international events. Indeed, they all come from a different country and agency. At the end, participants have to be engaged within the event, to speak and share thoughts and ideas.

One solution : An all-in-one event management software and an interactive app

Eventdrive proposed to Sonepar a global digital platform to facilitate the broadcasting of information to events managers and participants before, during and after the event. Thanks to the software, Sonepar centralized the internal communication, email, website, registration forms, saved time and energy.

Before each event, teams was used to produce and print mug books and agendas. Now, everything is gathered on an unique software easy to use, with more flexibility and entirely digitalized. A smart tip for a sustainable environment!

The Customer Success Team from Eventdrive started to train the Sonepar’s teams. Julien Frocourt, the responsible in charge of internal communication, noticed that in 1h30, collaborators were operational.

The Eventdrive app also enables participants to participate and speak together through interactive activities, thanks to collaborative tools. Among them, we can find word clouds, votes and quiz. Moreover, thanks to a feed dedicated to the event, guests can share their experience by publishing pictures, or text with their name displayed or not. Thus, guests can network thanks to the access of participants’ profil for everyone, that participants themselves have created before the beginning of the event.

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Results : A fluent and consistent organizational process

These international events are a true challenge in the internal communication strategy within Sonepar. The use of Eventdrive enabled to professionalize the approach and to duplicate them on a larger scale.

To resume, since 2018, more than 3,000 collaborators have been exposed to the Eventdrive app through thirty events organized by Eventdrive. 9 in 10 people connect to the app : 1,000 participants and more than 200 pictures posted in two days for the France convention. Finally, we noticed several reactions from guests about the speakers speeches, with very animated questions/answers sessions.

Thanks who? Thanks Eventdrive 🙂

To know more : let’s discover our first ebook : « Why you need an event management software to management your events? ».

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