What is my right to compensatory time off as an event planner?

08 August 2019 | Temps de lecture : 3 min.

Sunday evening, 9pm, you have just spent the last 5 days working more than 10 hours a day, including weekends, to make your event a success. It was a real success, of course, but you are exhausted! Being an event planner is not an easy job and you have to be prepared not to count your hours. But be careful, like every professional, the organizer is protected by law and has a right of recovery in particular. To help you see a little more clearly, Eventdrive has done its little research to help you understand the legal complexities of your profession.


If you are required to exceed the number of hours allowed in your contract, you have the right to recover them or to be paid. According to your agreement, overtime can be increased by 25%. Be careful, the hours recovered will be paid normally and not as overtime. 

Every employee must have a daily rest period between two working days. The legal rest period is at least 11 consecutive hours. However, derogations from this period may be fixed by agreement or convention. If you finish at 11pm, you must start your next day after 10am.


According to the Labour Code, the employee may be required to work on a public holiday. Also, a refusal on his part could be sanctioned. However, a large part of collective agreements allow for rest on public holidays.

There are two exceptional cases:

– On May 1st, it is impossible for the employer to ask his employees to work.

– Employees and apprentices under 18 years of age must not work on a public holiday.

If the event planner works on a public holiday, he or she will not receive an increase in salary or allowances, except in the case of a contractual clause.

There is one exceptional case: May 1st is paid double.


An event planner may not work more than 6 days a week. Thus, a day of rest of at least 24 hours is granted per week, usually on Sundays.

If your contract provides for 35 hours of work per week, you must not exceed this number of hours unless you receive paid overtime or compensatory rest… If you work exceptionally on a Saturday for half a day when you have already reached 35 hours per week, you will receive half a day of rest or overtime pay.

What to pay attention to?

First thing: remember to declare your hours worked correctly to benefit from paid overtime.

Second point: your holidays. Like any other French employee, the event organizer benefits from 25 days of vacation, or 5 weeks of paid vacation. Sometimes, some companies also propose the annualisation of working time and therefore days of recovery (better known as RTT). It is a form of recovery, common and much more regulated, because it is more fixed. So take the time to check your contract!

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The rules around the profession of an event planner are sometimes a little vague, but don’t panic, the job is also regulated. Do not hesitate to consult the official texts (which are available on Légifrance) in order to have all the answers to your questions. But one thing is for sure: although you work different hours and probably work more hours during the day, you have the right to compensatory time off just like any other employee.

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