8 reasons to love Event Management

08 August 2018 | Temps de lecture : 5 min.

Event planning is an amazing career path filled with numerous ups and downs. It is something that not everyone can handle. However, those in the field truly adore their job!

“Organizing events is like being in love. You live ups and downs… but you are still so happy together, you can’t quit. It is your fuel for life.” 

HS, event planner in a pharmaceutical company

This job definitely puts your organisation, time management, creativity and problem solving skills to the test. But, from experience I have seen, each one of them adores their job! The ups and downs and the adrenaline rushes are something that our #eventprofs and more specifically our #eventdrivers love.

So let’s get to it, the 8 reasons why #eventprofs love being #eventprofs!  

It gets the creative juices going!

As an event manager, you are the one in charge of creating a vision and making it real! You have to brainstorm and strategize on how the event will be brought to life in the best possible way! It takes a lot of work, energy and creativity to think and conceive these ideas. As an event planner, this is one of the best parts of the job!

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Globe trotting ✈️ ?

Events often require you to travel almost anywhere. You have a natural curiosity towards new places and cultures. You always try to bring in the unique points the new event destination has to offer into the event. You travel so much you have your own travel hacks that allow you to efficiently pack your bag and hit the road. Like any true globetrotter, you enjoy taking in new environments and events as inspiration for your very own. These international experiences motivate and inspire you.

Creating conversations and connections

The contact with people is essential to the job and also something that you completely adore! You believe communication and conversation solve most problems. Meeting new and interesting people and creating connections is something you are fond of, whether it is between attendees or in you personal life. You love finding ways you can put people in contact with each other, from throwing mixers to creating networking at your events!

The satisfaction of a great time

As an event manager, you are constantly working at bringing events to life. You feel a certain sense of satisfaction when an event is successfully completed. The sense of pride you feel when you reflect on all the challenges that went through to attain the objectives and expectations, all in all it is a reward in itself. This is an qualitative indicator of your performance and one that impacts you a lot, as it touches to the core and is the reason for getting into events.


Not just “A” job, but THE job!

In a single day, you are performing venue visits, doing demos of new #eventtech, using Eventdrive to send the invitations of an upcoming event, doing brainstormings with your dream team. With this large variety of things to get done, you are always at the tip of your toes. This allows you to always perform best and look forward to what new adventures come your way.

Data driven and #eventdriven

You chose this field of work, as you are a result driven person. You want to know what the months and weeks of efforts lead to in the end! To know this, you have a whole dashboard of KPI’s that will help analyse and prove that all the work didn’t go to waste. The data you collect also lets you to measure the aspects of the event that didn’t go so well. This allows you to know how to do better next time.

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Tech Tech Tech

You are an innovative individual, after all, you kinda have to be! The event industry is quite fast paced. You need to find new ways to engage and WOW attendees. This pushes you to look for the newest and coolest technology for your events. You like to work with the latest technology and find ways to integrate it to your event, whether it is a drone, VR simulation, 360° cameras. Make sure to check out our TOP trends every year to be sure that you are up to page on all the tech that will WOW attendees!

Pressure invigorates you


It is often the case that you work under a lot of pressure to achieve “THE” event experience that is expected by all. This stress manifests itself into a shot of adrenaline that pumps you and becomes something you strive off. The expectations is what creates the event planning experience for you, it would be too easy if you didn’t have challenges to accomplish and pressure to work under. The drive is there!


I’m sure there is a plethora of other reasons you got into events and why you love them! But these 8 are some of the recurring one we get from our #eventdrivers! We would be happy to hear from you from anything you feel we missed. We see there is no big or small reason to get into events. It is about the medley of things, most of which are listed above!

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