5 ideas to brighten up your guests’ experience during the Lights Festival

07 December 2018 | Temps de lecture : 5 min.
fete des lumieres

Planning events and bringing them to life are part of the job. But experiences are intangible so it becomes a bit hard to measure the benefits they bring! We know that your superiors need tangible evidence of an intangible experience that is events. It is important to keep in mind what the event objectives are and give weight to certain metrics over others for the event. The following 10 KPI’s are the ones most used in events. This way, you can produce credible and tangible results to your superiors.

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Creating a Light Path in Nature

If you have the chance to have your event outdoors, you can use your guests’ 5 senses to make them live an unforgettable experience. To achieve this, you only need a little bit of imagination. But since we’re nice at Eventdrive, we’re going to tell you about a project we think is really great and could inspire you.

In Quebec, Moment Factory specializes in the design of luminous scenography. Our favorite is their signed show, such as Foresta Lumina or Tonga Lumina. Through the forest, they illuminate a hiking trail using different techniques to enhance the site. Colourful spots, projections, smoke, soundtrack… Great idea, right? Imagine: your guests crossing an illuminated route to reach the main venue of your event. They’ll be amazed, that’s for sure!

A sound and light show to highlight the location of your event

Sound and light shows are always loved. The association of a soundtrack with a light projection will necessarily appeal to your guests. Take the example of Saint-Malo.

For the 40th anniversary of the Route du Rhum, the city has decided to make the most of it! During the 2 weeks of the event, a luminous scenography was projected on the ramparts of the old town. For nearly 30 minutes, a show recalling the theme of the sea and boats (a little obvious to me) enchanted the visitors.

The bonus? The last 10 minutes of the show were dedicated to the winners of the first 10 editions. A beautiful way to touch the spectators’ heartstrings while impressing them! We won’t lie to you, this kind of project represents a significant budget, but your brand image would be much higher!

Suggest a Drone Dance

Do you want something great? There you go! Drones are increasingly being used by companies.

Whether it is to capture moments in photos or videos, to deliver a package (Amazon is trying the concept), or even to serve as a taxi (I assure you that this is true), attempts to use these small devices are increasing, with more or less success. The latest project used in particular during the opening ceremony of the Olympic Winter Games at the beginning of the year, generated a wave of positive comments.

The drone shows were born! In total synchronization, the drones perform a rhythmic choreography visible thanks to the lights on their supports. You can represent your company logo or simply create a show from scratch, the look is impressive and your guests will be amazed, believe me! The financial investment is, again, quite substantial, but the number of companies offering this type of show is increasing, so prices should drop in the coming months.

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Fireworks to Conclude the Evening

The idea may seem a little trivial to you, but don’t get me wrong, everyone loves fireworks! Admittedly, fireworks implies some constraints. You will have to get an authorization from the town hall or prefecture, at least 3 weeks before the date of your event.

Another important point is that your location should allow you to set up the shooting bases far enough from the observation area, to avoid the risk of accidents. But offering a surprise fireworks to conclude your event could be a great way to end it all! You can use a specialized company if you want a professional result. But you should know that there are also ready-to-use packs for which you only need to light a single wick. Easy, isn’t it?

Use Light Objects

Do you like bright atmospheres, but you don’t have the budget to put on a grandiose show? Don’t worry, there are other solutions! If we lived in a world without electricity, we would have suggested a nice animation with different kinds of candles. But fortunately, new technologies are part of our daily lives and are at your disposal to give you a rather pleasant look.

To do this, it is easy to use light objects. Whether it’s candle jars that mimic the wriggling of a flame (yes, there is such a thing), or large balls that flash according to the music, the little effect will always be appreciated! The double advantage? You can install them wherever you want at your event location and it will cost you almost nothing!

I’m sure you were not indifferent to our bright ideas. Depending on your clients’ expectations and budget, there are many possibilities. Feel free to look at what has already been done, it is often a very good source of inspiration. Whatever your final choice is, the approach will necessarily be appreciated. The Lights Festival seduces the majority of the population, so bringing a small piece of it to your event will give it a little something extra, that’s for sure. 😉

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