5 events in 2018 that impacted the tech sector

18 December 2018 | Temps de lecture : 5 min.
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We’re already at the end of the year and we haven’t seen anything happen! It has been an eventful year (literally and figuratively!) and at Eventdrive, we have done our best to support you. But we were also very curious this year 😉 Our favorite activity? Look at what is happening in the event industry to gather all the good ideas and then reproduce them. And we spotted some very nice events, especially in the tech sector. So let us tell you about the events in 2018 that were our favorites.

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Nantes Digital Week

Nantes Digital Week is a tech event that exists since 2014. The objective is simple: bring together digital lovers for about ten days in September. The event is intended to be collaborative and encourages sharing among participants.

To achieve this, many workshops are organized with different themes to appeal to as many people as possible. They use a variety of formats, offer training and moments to give free rein to creativity. In addition to the workshops and professional meetings that take place throughout the event, concerts are organized to host the evenings.

This year, the organizers focused on sustainable development by implementing eco-responsible initiatives. But the big bonus of Nantes Digital Week is not that! Their great quality is that they have been able to speak to all kinds of participants. The program has been divided in two, with activities for professionals and activities for the general public. Enough to seduce a larger target audience. Smart!

Paris Web 2018

Paris Web has been the meeting place for Web professionals for more than 10 years (12 to be precise). Entirely French-speaking, this event is a must in the technology sector.

For 3 days, multiple activities, conferences and seminars of all kinds are organized. This year, the main themes dealt with UX (the user experience on the web for the most novices), the rise of artificial intelligence, but also subjects more related to French activity and in particular understanding the basics of the GDPR. Do you see what we’re getting at? The strength of the Paris Web is to explore the hottest news and propose topics that will interest participants. This may seem obvious to you, but it is too often forgotten.

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The Business Festival

Formerly known as i-Novia, the event chose to change its name to cover a wider area! But the objective remains the same: to encourage innovation within the company. To achieve its objective, the festival sets up booths, conferences, but also professional speed dating and contests. Once again, the event understood that it is necessary to focus on what works and chose to highlight start-ups. During the 2 days of the festival, emerging companies competed to win the jackpot.

The start-up considered to be the most innovative therefore won, among other things, a communication pack worth 2500 euros (emailing campaign, posts on social media and a stand for the 2019 edition). And to add a little interactivity to the event, all visitors were asked to vote for their favorite project. A good way to interact with the public!

Viva Technology

Another event that brings together around the theme of innovation: Viva Technology. Three days of celebrations entirely dedicated to start-ups and large groups. Only the third day of the event is open to the general public. Here again, many activities are organized: coaching, workshops… Conferences with the objective of discovering new trends in the technology sector. But their great strength is their notoriety. Indeed, they were able to organize conferences whose speakers’ names were enough to stir up the crowds.

In 2018, Viva Technology was lucky enough to have Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, Staya Danella, CEO of Microsoft and Emmanuel Macron, the French president. Famous names who each bring their expertise in a specific field. A good way to attract people 🙂

CES Vegas 2018

How can we talk about the events in 2018 in the tech sector without mentioning the CES Vegas? It is the must-attend event for all fans of new technologies. This show, whose full name is the Consumer Electronic Show, was first organized in 1967, so it is a pioneer in this field! Over the years, the event has gained notoriety and has especially broadened the range of products on offer. For instance, now we can see autonomous taxis, dog robots, TVs bigger than your living room (well, we exaggerate a little, but you see the idea).

In short, the products presented are numerous and more innovative than the others. Their goal? Be a hot topic! And the CES of Vegas understood this well and decided to put the small dishes in the big leagues for its last edition by proposing a show of drones! Set up by Intel, it was held every night over the Strip, the main avenue of Las Vegas. 250 drones dancing in perfect synchronization over the city, they found the best way to get people talking about them! Stay tuned, the next edition of the CES will take place in a few days, in January 2019. Are you as curious as we are to know what they’re going to prepare for us?

There is no shortage of events in 2018 in the tech sector. So you have to be able to stand out! The 5 tradeshows that we introduced to you have succeeded by betting each on a particular aspect that will seduce the participants. This year, it worked rather well for them, as all the trade fairs mentioned above have already announced their 2019 dates. The main difficulty is to remain quite innovative from one year to the next. But innovation being their specialty, they should not have too many problems. 😉

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