5 event freelancers to hire on D-Day

19 September 2018 | Temps de lecture : 6 min.
Freelance événementiel

Organizing an event requires work, it is not something you will be taught. Whether you work for a large agency or a small company, you are all facing the same challenge: the D-Day rush. Some people love it, others fear it… Anyway, it’s always necessary to overcome it. To avoid those little moments of panic that sometimes make you wonder if you’ve really chosen the right path, it’s important to delegate some of your tasks. To do it, there is nothing better than hiring people to help you on D-Day. The best option is to use event freelancers who will help you make your event a perfect moment. But the supply is as wide as the demand is important, so who should be hired? Eventdrive is happy to present you the 5 event freelancers that you absolutely need.

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A photographer to capture all the best moments

If there were only one, it would probably be THE freelance to hire to make your event unforgettable, but above all, to make sure your participants remember it. We won’t say it enough, an event happens on D-Day, but also afterwards! By hiring a freelance photographer, you are delegating one of the most important parts of the organization.

You could assign a member of your team to this task, but the advantage of choosing an independent photographer is that you ensure the quality of the work. Your freelancer will not only take pictures on the day of the event, but will also provide post-event follow-up. Indeed, focus on photographers who offer an image printing service. A perfect all-in-one package!

An entertainer who will bring your event to life

Another essential freelancer during your event: the facilitator. There is nothing worse than being in a festival, a conference or any other meetings and being lost. The facilitator will, among other things, be responsible for presenting the themes of the seminars or announcing break times (usually the participants’ favorite time).

But the role of the facilitator does not end there! In the most classic cases, you can ask him to take guided tours where your event takes place. But with the growth of new technologies, you may also choose to recruit a virtual reality facilitator, for example. This type of workshop is particularly appealing and will seduce your target much more than if you organize a basic question-and-answer game.

Hostesses (or hosts) to make the logistics of your event easier

It is not said enough, but an event could not take place without the hosts in charge of welcoming your participants. Many students have chosen to set up their own businesses to offer their services during events: a job of a few hours that allows them to pay for their studies.

Whether they are at the reception desk, in charge of guiding guests on their arrival, at the cocktail reception to serve drinks or in the workshops to support the facilitators, they are essential. Your project manager will not be able to do without them, that’s for sure!

Especially since this type of position is now becoming very flexible. The chosen freelancers can help you set up the dining room and set up the seating plan, for example. A true treasure, we tell you!

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A scenographer to make your place magical

The role of the scenographer is simple: to make the location of your event a place that your participants will remember. Of course, the equipment he will have at his disposal will depend on the allocated budget, but you will quickly realize that it may be wise to forget a few appetizers for the benefit of an amazing setting.

Your freelance scenographer will be in charge of setting up the path followed by the guests. He will also manage the lights and be able to highlight the most important elements of your decor. If he is meticulous, your scenographer will be able to set up an aesthetic harmony to your place by respecting the specifications you will have given him.

A DJ to entertain your guests

This may seem secondary, but it is essential to have a DJ during your event. We are not talking about organizing a big party, but rather about providing musical transitions between your conferences and workshops or ensuring a background atmosphere during your receptions.

Working with the facilitator, the DJ is responsible for all the sound animation of your event. Recruiting a freelancer allows you to process the operation from A to Z with a single service provider.

That is to say, the freelance DJ will take care of bringing his sound equipment (speakers, microphone…). He will take care of the installation, and will also pack everything at the end of the meeting.

We told you! Here is a non-exhaustive list of event freelancers to be hired on the D-day. At Eventdrive, we find them all essential, but it is up to you to see which ones you really need. Perhaps you are used to outsourcing some missions to professional companies. However, don’t forget that freelancers are just as qualified and often more available in the short term to help you carry out your mission.

The advantage is that you sign one-time contracts. If the job isn’t done correctly, all you have to do is look for another freelancer for your next event. Another important point is to think about the network between freelancers: it is very developed. Feel free to ask your one-day employees! Who knows, you may find the facilitator of your dreams thanks to your new scenographer? And if not, you can use the Internet network, which is unlimited! At Eventdrive, we find our precious freelancers on Malt.fr or Freeandise.fr.

The first one will allow you to find all kinds of freelancers, the second one has made it its trademark to put freelancers in contact with event agencies. If you don’t find what you look for with this…

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