4 tools to rent a meeting room in Paris

03 June 2019 | Temps de lecture : 4 min.

You forecast to make your next meeting in Paris but you do not know where to look at? Nowadays, there exists a lot of platforms and websites for every events planners, but in order to help you facilitating your research and optimising your time, the Eventdrive team decided to gather 4 ideal tools for renting a meeting room in Paris without obstacles!



Birdoffice is a platform specialized in meeting room and seminar room researching in Europe, with 8500 referenced rooms, including more than 2360 rooms in Paris. Then you can easily find out the rare pearl: an artist studio for a brainstorming in team, a room with daylight for your executive committee, a casual space for a partnership meeting… Discover now THE atypical meeting room that you have always dreamed about on the Birdoffice’s website!

Why we love it: this platform references a big quantity of atypical places, library, studio, terrace, that are perfect for unleashing the creativity of teams, and find successful ideas!



You still do not know Privateaser? Better late than never! Privateaser proposes to make segmented researches according to your needs and your constraints. You are looking for a cheap meeting room in Paris? Identify rapidly the cheapest rooms!
If your goal is to brainstorm in order to conceive the next buzzing communication action, Privateaser lists a selection of the most atypical meeting rooms. If it is rather for a company party, we had chosen for you the 10 most unusual places of the capital!

Segment your research by arrondissement or district: Montparnasse, Saint Lazare, Arts et Métiers or event Beaubourg… You can also contact the Privateaser team to define a more precise need! Seduced? Obviously! 😉

Why we love it: Privateaser is the reference platform to research an event place and privatize it, whether it is for professional events or private events. Privateaser satisfies everyone, from conventional to original places!

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I go for it!


There is also another tool that I love: Kactus ! Well, I have to admit that I am in love with their sleek and modern graphic chart. Such as the meeting rooms you can find on their website by the way 😉
Their biggest clients : ClubMed, Google, BNP Paribas… Kaktus works with more than 7000 partners and promises a full seamless and digital experience. Experience tested and approved by us: manage the whole of your invoices online!

Kaktus proposes 4837 rooms in Paris, and others hundreds in Lyon, Bordeaux and all France’s biggest cities. So, what are you waiting for?

Why we love it: its platform is ergonomic and easy to use. We particularly appreciate its sleek graphic chart, where it is very simple to find information.


Choose & Work

Want to find a meeting room in Paris at the last minute? This mission can become complicated… But don’t worry, Choose & Work, expert in last minute renting room, is here for you! Such as Airbnb, the selection of the room of your dream is relatively intuitive. After selecting the number of person that is going to brainstorm with you, the rate per hour of each establishment is displayed on an interactive map.

Choose & Work says they are flexible and fast thanks to its last minute offers… and we validate that!

Why we love it: the “Last Minute” option, that is largely put forward by Choose & Work, enables to take advantage of offers at reduced prices, like hotel booking websites are proposing.


You want to become a master of events?
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I go for it!

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