Our digital check-in feature allows you to save time and the hassle of manually doing it!

Streamline registration of your participants before, after and during your event.

Check-in digital

How to optimize participant attendance?
Prior to your event, send the badges to your participants as soon as they have registered. Once registered, the participant will receive his personalised badge on an A4 size perfectly fitting into a pre-designed badge holder. It can be printed at anytime.

On site, the organiser can regulate entry and guest check-in. They will be able to scan a QR code or a barcode. Eventdrive allows you to create badges for last minute registrants, yes we’ve got your back!

Meanwhile, guests may proceed to check-in independently, since the app can read and record their presence. This list can be exported at anytime and organisers can focus on other more compelling tasks!

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Every new yearly subscription customer will get its first 100 participants for free.