myQaa lance une plateforme de gestion d’événements d’entreprise

L’outil, baptisé Eventdrive, s’adresse aux organisateurs de séminaires, conventions et conférences. L’outil les accompagne dans la gestion de leurs manifestations, depuis la phase d’invitation jusqu’aux données permettant une analyse du ROI.

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myQaa, qui produit des ses applications mobiles pour événements professionnels et congrès, lance Eventdrive, une plateforme de gestion d’événements d’entreprise (Event management software). Disponible sur le web en mode Saas, Eventdrive s’adresse aux organisateurs de séminaires, conventions et conférences. L’outil les accompagne dans la gestion de leurs manifestations, depuis la phase d’invitation jusqu’aux données permettant une analyse du ROI.

Richad Mitha, CEO de myQaa assure,

L’étude des différents outils existants et nos six années d’expérience nous ont permis de créer un logiciel plus intuitif, intelligent et efficace.

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Big data et facilité d’utilisation

En plus des traditionnelles fonctionnalités comme l’inscription, les campagnes mail d’invitations et la création d’une application mobile – pour laquelle myQaa est aujourd’hui reconnue – Eventdrive propose de mettre en place une connexion sécurisée et efficace au CRM interne de l’entreprise, permettant une gestion facilitée des invités. De plus il est possible de récupérer les données importantes qui aident à la mesure et à l’analyse du ROI de l’événement. « Cela répond à une demande jugée de plus en plus capitale par les organisateurs », commente Richad Mitha. Une gestion multi-événements permet aux participants de retrouver tous les événements auxquels ils ont accès dans une seule application, et pour l’organisateur d’avoir une plateforme de gestion unique et un suivi transverse des invités.

La vraie originalité, réside dans l’expérience utilisateur. Eventdrive est très simple et répond aux plus près aux problématiques de chaque organisateur grâce à une plateforme intelligente.

Sur le marché de l’Event Management Software qui va, d’après les études, presque doubler au niveau mondial d’ici 5 ans, Eventdrive s’appuie sur la data pour augmenter le ROI des événements et faciliter la vie d’un organisateur d’événements.

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Interview with Olivier from Peeble

Olivier Gippet is the founder of Peeble, the MICE 4G WIFI provider. We recently caught up with Olivier and here’s the result:


Eventdrive: What are the type of events that are using Peeble?

Olivier: Our Wifi solutions are using 4G reception as such we have considerable advantages on Outdoor Events installations using pods, podium, Events tentes, village, meeting zones, animations etc…

However we regularly have work and request for remote sites or locations where Internet Access and bandwith is a problem with satured networks.

Our Peeble equipment and solutions offers extremely easy set-ups without cabling or heavy human intervention on site, so event organisers appreciate the flexibility and speed of installation.

e: With the growth of technologies of interactivity during live event, what are the most recurring needs in terms of wifi connection?

O: Indeed this is a critical check point to validate, before delivering an event, we qualify the type of animations and interactive technologies that are planned, the type of bandwith required, the density of connections, the audience, the area to be covered and most of all the location coverage in 4G, we have appropriate solutions varying upon the type of events.

Increasing event interactivity needs refer to photos and streaming.

e: What are the solutions available in the market?

O: Traditional wifi solutions remain fix infrastructures as event organisers are still not familiar with 4G wifi solutions. So classical fiber optic links with firewall, CAT6 routers etc, are what event organisers use. People think 4G wifi solution providers are extremely seldom on the market as majority of the known solutions are for 10 or 30 simultaneous connections. We can provide higher density 4G routers with large number of conections.

e: How does your solution differentiate?

O: The professional grade 4G event routers with high density of connections is one as explain, but our captive portal with organiser customisation and visuals is a good attraction for them, the level of security we support with the authentification process and finally the fact that we are managing data capacity.

e: What are your recommendations for all event managers in their connectivity requirements?

O: Discovering a video streaming on a large screen, being vague on the exact location or not detailling all the planned animation can generate risky situations.

4G wifi solutions are not only easier but also less expensive to deploy on events. Event organisers should be very open and give a lot of details in their event objectives, descriptions ans specifications without being afraid of higher costs consequences. This is our main recommendation.

e: Tell us more about Peeble.

O: Peeble is ‘the’ MICE 4G WIFI provider. Peeble is providing versatile 4G/Wiifi solutions that enable organisers to cover their event in a fast, cost-efficient, branded and secured manner whether in or outdoor. Peeble is a company hosted at the Welcome city Lab, “Event & Tourism of the future”. More information here on &

ComInTech, a truly digital experience

For ComInTech, the biggest event of the MPI France Suisse’s community, the objectives of MPI were to replace paper and enable increased interaction between participants and speakers but also between them. The most ambitious objective was to collect data about the app usage and the behaviors of each attendee. MPI renewed its partnership with Eventdrive to provide the mobile event app for ComInTech in 2016. And the results were incredible! The project manager of ComInTech created the app with Eventdrive’s administration system allowing MPI to manage last minute changes. They used several interactive features such as the Smart Q&A, the Vote, the Who’s here and also the interactive map.

Julien Carlier, CEO of Social Dynamite and President of MPI France Suisse’s Chapter explains us.

The ComInTech app has become a vital tool for our event and our community. The project manager of ComInTech created the app with Eventdrive’s incredible backoffice allowing us to manage last minute changes. Although Eventdrive’s key differentiators are its interactive features, we also retrieved event data like comments / questions, views, likes… Eventdrive’s solutions offered participants a unique opportunity to network with their peers and be truly engaged in the event. Thanks to Eventdrive, our community have a unique link between them: The ComInTech Event App.


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