Innovation Week by SAMSUNG : an entire week dedicated to innovation at all level

SAMSUNG specifically chose Eventdrive because it answered all of their requirements and beyound. A paperless event, contextual interactivity based on participant’s position were part of SAMSUNG’s objectives. Eventdrive suggested to use its Event App product combined with Beacons.

The results were incredible, more than 8000 views, 160 posted photos, 10 areas were identified where people could receive push notifications that re-direct them to specific SAMSUNG’s product page. SAMSUNG used the social wall to show what’s going in the event at different locations with our Instaphoto feature.

Innovation Week by Samsung

For this particular event dealing with the Digital Transformation, setting-up an Event App was a no brainer. Geolocalised push notifications, partners lists and the social wall contributed to create an outstanding event a beautiful experience for the participants.


Case study: « Doctors’ Battle »

Last month, one of the biggest French pharmaceutical companies asked Eventdrive to boost their traditional format of event. The objective was to make turn their sessions into fun and educational at the same time. Eventdrive proposed to create a « Doctors’ battle ». Two doctors would share their respective diagnosis and the audience could vote for the best one at the beginning and vote again at the end of their explanations.

100% of the participants said the event format was interactive and fun!

Doctor's Battle

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ComInTech, a truly digital experience

For ComInTech, the biggest event of the MPI France Suisse’s community, the objectives of MPI were to replace paper and enable increased interaction between participants and speakers but also between them. The most ambitious objective was to collect data about the app usage and the behaviors of each attendee. MPI renewed its partnership with Eventdrive to provide the mobile event app for ComInTech in 2016. And the results were incredible! The project manager of ComInTech created the app with Eventdrive’s administration system allowing MPI to manage last minute changes. They used several interactive features such as the Smart Q&A, the Vote, the Who’s here and also the interactive map.

Julien Carlier, CEO of Social Dynamite and President of MPI France Suisse’s Chapter explains us.

The ComInTech app has become a vital tool for our event and our community. The project manager of ComInTech created the app with Eventdrive’s incredible backoffice allowing us to manage last minute changes. Although Eventdrive’s key differentiators are its interactive features, we also retrieved event data like comments / questions, views, likes… Eventdrive’s solutions offered participants a unique opportunity to network with their peers and be truly engaged in the event. Thanks to Eventdrive, our community have a unique link between them: The ComInTech Event App.


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