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Interview with Olivier from Peeble

Olivier Gippet is the founder of Peeble, the MICE 4G WIFI provider. We recently caught up with Olivier and here’s the result:


Eventdrive: What are the type of events that are using Peeble?

Olivier: Our Wifi solutions are using 4G reception as such we have considerable advantages on Outdoor Events installations using pods, podium, Events tentes, village, meeting zones, animations etc…

However we regularly have work and request for remote sites or locations where Internet Access and bandwith is a problem with satured networks.

Our Peeble equipment and solutions offers extremely easy set-ups without cabling or heavy human intervention on site, so event organisers appreciate the flexibility and speed of installation.

e: With the growth of technologies of interactivity during live event, what are the most recurring needs in terms of wifi connection?

O: Indeed this is a critical check point to validate, before delivering an event, we qualify the type of animations and interactive technologies that are planned, the type of bandwith required, the density of connections, the audience, the area to be covered and most of all the location coverage in 4G, we have appropriate solutions varying upon the type of events.

Increasing event interactivity needs refer to photos and streaming.

e: What are the solutions available in the market?

O: Traditional wifi solutions remain fix infrastructures as event organisers are still not familiar with 4G wifi solutions. So classical fiber optic links with firewall, CAT6 routers etc, are what event organisers use. People think 4G wifi solution providers are extremely seldom on the market as majority of the known solutions are for 10 or 30 simultaneous connections. We can provide higher density 4G routers with large number of conections.

e: How does your solution differentiate?

O: The professional grade 4G event routers with high density of connections is one as explain, but our captive portal with organiser customisation and visuals is a good attraction for them, the level of security we support with the authentification process and finally the fact that we are managing data capacity.

e: What are your recommendations for all event managers in their connectivity requirements?

O: Discovering a video streaming on a large screen, being vague on the exact location or not detailling all the planned animation can generate risky situations.

4G wifi solutions are not only easier but also less expensive to deploy on events. Event organisers should be very open and give a lot of details in their event objectives, descriptions ans specifications without being afraid of higher costs consequences. This is our main recommendation.

e: Tell us more about Peeble.

O: Peeble is ‘the’ MICE 4G WIFI provider. Peeble is providing versatile 4G/Wiifi solutions that enable organisers to cover their event in a fast, cost-efficient, branded and secured manner whether in or outdoor. Peeble is a company hosted at the Welcome city Lab, “Event & Tourism of the future”. More information here on &

How to optimize the event spending by HBR

Recently I came across this excellent article, published in the Harvard Business Review, about event spending. I’ve argued many times that event organizers have to determine specific business targets to execute events and then use tools to measure event ROI. Quite rightly, Frank Cespedes asks « The technology will also help you make a core decision: is attending, sponsoring or exhibiting at this event worth it?« . In his opinion, technology is a way for managers to control their costs before, during and after their events.


This question is fundamental when we see that 225 million people expected more than 1.8 million events sponsored by companies and associations according to the Convention Industry Council. The report underlined the fact that despite the difficult economic situation since 2012, the event expense about $565 billion in the world. « Hosting, attending and exhibiting at events including a whopping 21% of corporate marketing budgets » means that meeting has an important share of business expenses.

1st step: before

So, how to optimize the event spending? First of all, the manager should start by defining a clear set of goals, which can be ranged from lead generation to decision makers. This step is something I consider very important, but which is rarely done. Once objectives are determined, it comes to track King milestones thanks to the use of specific tools. For example, the pre-event registration is a typical tool that allows planners to boost the sale of ticket and the promotion of event. But on another side, receiving data permits to justify the spending and realize accountable metrics to follow the assessment.

2nd step: during

Increasingly, managers use technologies to organize their events. The fact that new technologies bring down costs and revenue opportunities for all stakeholders. Mobile event and tablet apps are first of all simple to implement by the event managers and easy to use by attendees. The mobile platform replaces complicated paper diaries, big venue maps and all standard documents. Everything takes place in only one tool; the event app. All these practices constitute a ‘giant leap’ for environment and above all for cost-reduction! Furthermore, mobile apps are suitable for engaging attendees, speakers (…) all stakeholders. This real-time tool allows attendees to share their opinions, their pictures and also interact with other participants and exhibitors. The main goal is to make everyone feel part of the community and create awesome memories.

In addition, using event app allows event managers to communicate with attendees and vice versa, by applying votes, surveys and quizzes. Nowadays, event cannot be resumed as a simple one – way comunication tool. We are able to talk about a two – way communication tool. Results shared can be displayed live on the event wall, which can be used to continue the conversation and energize an event.

3rd step: after

The post-event is a very important aspect to retrieve event data. Managers can gather metrics and then gauge the event thanks to quantitative and qualitative data. Did the event reach goals? Did attendees appreciate the event? Were attendees engaged? Thus, marketers can evaluate participant satisfaction, get ideas from attendees’ comments, see and which exhibitors found more success for example. Moreover, data can also help to close the loop. For sure, it depends on the objective event. With current customers, the primary goal could be to get in touch and set an appointment with decision markers, or influencers, but also enhance sales. With potential customers, the goal may be to increase networking, implement a brand presence or collect competitive intelligence. This is the case of many organizations like Bouygues Immobilier, SAGE or IBM which have chosen myQaa to provide their mobile event app.

Purpose ‘Too manay firms tends to mismanage their business-development expenditures (…) and they refuse to change their ways because that’s the way they’ve always done it. « It’s shame, really. » said Frank Céspedes. So now, event managers know all the benefits of event marketing.

They should know now what to do for getting more from their event spending!

myQaa partenaire officiel de la Soirée Marriott Meetings Imagined

Mardi 16 Février 2016 a eu lieu à l’Hôtel Marriott Rive gauche, la Soirée Marriott Meetings Imagined. L’objectif de cette soirée : découvrir et discuter des nouvelles technologies de l’événementiel.

myqaa partenaire officiel de la soiree marriott

Dans l’optique de faire découvrir à ses participants les nouvelles technologies déployées par le groupe pour perfectionner son offre en termes de meetings design et d’agencement, Marriott a mis en place 7 univers. Ainsi, les invités se déplaçaient d’univers en univers et prenaient plaisir à s’initier à ces nouvelles pratiques. Le concept qui a particulièrement séduit les invités était la réalité virtuelle avec les casques 3D.

Des professionnels du milieu ont bien voulu partager leur expérience sur scène autour d’une table ronde animée par Vincent ROUX, Director VRConsulting. Parmi les intervenants, figuraient Richad Mitha, CEO myQaa & VP Finance MPI France Suisse, Julien CARLIER, CEO Social Dynamite & President MPI France Suisse, Véra STREZYK, Strategic Buyer Siemens France & President GBTA France, Christine ESTRABEAU, DG Banks Sadler France & Member of Board GBTA France, Arnaud BOIVENT, Market Director of Sales & Marketing Rive Gauche Hotel Paris et enfin Cyrille PAWELKO, Director of Event Services du Marriott Rive Gauche Hotel Paris.

Eventdrive by myQaa, partenaire événementiel de la soirée Marriott

Chaque invité a apporté son savoir-faire et son expertise en fonction de son expérience digitale dans l’événementiel. C’est entre autres, le cas de notre CEO, Richad Mitha, qui est revenu sur l’origine de myQaa avant d’aborder les transformations de l’expérience digitale lors des événements.

C’est dans la continuité de sa démarche de transformation digitale que le groupe Marriott a fait appel à myQaa pour la conception d’une application mobile avec des services interactifs tels que le Smart Q&A, l’Agenda et le Who’s here. C’est avec plaisir que notre équipe a conçu spécialement pour l’occasion une application web afin de digitaliser et animer cet événement.

Grâce à l’application web myQaa, les invités ont pu interagir et également participer à un jeu concours. Chaque univers avait un gagnant qui repartait avec des cadeaux.

Cette soirée fut une réussite totale, et renforce l’image de myQaa comme leader des solutions digitales pour les événements en France. En effet, les invités étaient ravis de pouvoir expérimenter les différents concepts de Marriott. en parallèle, 80% des 200 personnes présentes se sont connectées à l’application, ce qui démontre bien leur volonté de se digitaliser.